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The wine cellar is located in Valbuena de Duero, built in within the village since 2 buildings next to a local house were renovated, not only the exterior but also the finishing and the roof. These two constructions are connected to the wine cellar with a patio. Valbuena de Duero is located next to Duero river, where you can find a wide variety of nature and culture.
The portion of Duero river that goes thru Valbuena de Duero is considered as a place of importance for the community , known as “Riberas del Rio Duero y Afluentes”. The surroundings it is worth to take some time to enjoy the trail along river, specially the portion between Bocos de Duero and Quintanilla de Onesimo. The total length of this trail is 37.5 km and you can start your route in Bocos de Duero, going thru Peñafiel, Pesquera de Duero, Quintanilla de Arriba, San Bernardo and This recent trail, has a length of 37.5 km , and Valbuena de Duero. There are two bridges over Duero river and another two bridges over Duraton river, for more information click here.
You can find another two trails in Valbuena de Duero and other natural recreation areas that are close to this area are: “El valle del Cuco” and “Las Hoces del rio Duraton”. If you are interested in our heritage, it is worth to visit the recent restored church: “Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Castilllo” located in the downtown of Valbuena de Duero and the monastery that was recently restored too: “Monasterio de Santa Maria de Valbuena” located in downtown San Bernardo.
6 km away from Valbuena de Duero, in Olivares de Duero, you can find the church “Iglesia Parroquial de San Pelayo”, whose main alterpiece was created by “Maestro de Olivares”. The monastery ruins: “Ruinas del Monasterio de la Armedilla” is located in the road between Quintanilla de Onesimo and cuella and it is 20 km away from Valbuena de Duero. Peñafiel, 21 km away from Valbuena de duero, it is a town with a very important heritage and culture, emphasazing in the castle, “la Plaza del Coso” and “San Pablo” convent.
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Calle Real de Abajo nº4 47359 Valbuena de Duero (Valladolid) España

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