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Our family started producing wine more than one century ago in Valbuena de Duero. It was produced for just the family, selling the surplus to the neighbors in the village. This wine was produced in a special winery and wine cellar close to the village, in where you can still find other wineries from that time period. These special wineries were built with limestone masonry. The wine cellars were underground, excavated from the winery or in the vicinity. The wine cause fermentation in old oak barrels, with the upper part of the barrel with a square form. The grapes were harvested from the family’s property land until the production was almost lost at the beginning of the 80’s.
About fifteen years ago, two small vinyards were planted. The grapes obtained from those vinyards were used to produced wine, with no experience or machinery to help with the production. The constant request of this experimental wine was the origin of this company, with a just one goal: produce and sell quality wine.
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Phone: 646242262

Calle Real de Abajo nº4 47359 Valbuena de Duero (Valladolid) España

Latitude: 41º 38' 33.9318" Longitude: -4º 17' 37.9242"

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